Who sets the standard and approves when a product is tested and labeled GREEN?

Canada - Health Canada – EPA - Ecologo Program

United States - known as GREEN SEAL based out of Washington, DC

What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning simply means cleaning to protect ones health without harming the envoirnment. A green cleaning program goes beyond chemical and equipment choices and more importantly involves policies, regulated procedures, education/training and shared responsibility to minimize the impact on our individual health and IAQ of workplace – a better choice.

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Our Products

As the consumer and customer, you may not be aware about the make-up of your cleaning products (agents) used to clean the carpets in your home or business. To make matters more complicated, your cleaning technician is under no obligation to discuss with you, or to ask for, your approval for the products they use during the cleaning process.

For this reason, we at Special Care Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning do not use harsh chemicals and are upfront about what we bring into your environment. Our focus is on the new generation of green cleaning products that work just as, if not more, effectively. They are safe and do not negatively impact your indoor air quality, personal health or that of your beloved pets.

Our green cleaning agents are 100% natural and derived from vegetable / seed extracts, a renewable resource with no harsh chemical or artificial fragrances, non-toxic, no carcinogens or VOC’S.

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